April 21, 2021


"A hero is not chosen but the opportunities make him force to take a step no matter how much it costs!"

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How to Test A Service In Internet whether scam or Legit!

There are various ways to understand whether a website service is scam or legit. There are many resources for your ...
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What is “Digital Economy” , Crypto Currency and its scope in 21th Century

A cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency created from code. They function outside traditional banking and government systems. Cryptocurrencies ...
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How to Make Money via Digital Economy

Some ways to earn with some techniques to earn via Internet based platforms from 2020 Dear friends, I have prepared ...
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What is my “Conceptual Thinking” in my studies? in order to increase my speed in my studies

The Concepts I Repeat While Thinking About A Scientific Project "Creative Engineering" along with "Innovation" facilitates my work in terms ...
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What should be the “mechanical engineer expertise” in his field?

What should be the "mechanical engineer expertise" in his/her field? The essential employment of a mechanical engineer is to arrangement, ...
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Who is “Design Engineer”, his Responsibilities and Expertise

WHAT DOES A DESIGN ENGINEER DO? Design engineers use PC helped structure (CAD) programming to create, test, and create fabricating ...
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What is “Mechanical Ventilator”, its properties and usage

"Regarded companions here my field of Mechanical Engineering is a great deal in the field of medication for a specific ...
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A Global “Personal” Description For a Global Medicine Problem

“When WE know How to share, then we can know how to be bigger, stronger, challenger, and humanistic just one ...
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Some Internet free Language Translation Services for Technical Studies

Why Won't Machine Translation Replace One's Translation? As we know, machine translations will not replace human translators. You can also ...
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One Man – One Global Challenge against COVID

Genel araştırma bütünlüğünde teknik çözüm üretme mantıklı araştırmamı paylaşıyorum. Katmanlı üretim teknikleri ile tıp cihazları, tıp enstrümanları, aygıtları, parçaları üretmek ...
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Main Message From Me to All!

When I train myself in mechanical engineering field, I can reach more people and communities to enlarge my vision for global world. Here sometimes I do for my personal development sometimes for people. I love people, community, world, and nature. I have 12 years labor did many technical works in my field and want to do this job more. What I plan for future not only for myself  but also global community. It’s an honor to see you as visitor in my website, too

When we colloborate, then we can be stronger more for future!


First, me

Then family,

Then my Beloved surroundings, 

Then our country,

Then for world, I plan to do good humanistic projects for the sake of all!


12 years education, different technical projects, experience gained from start to up to now by education and applications, get many certificates, having plans in data science and artificial intelligence too

“The most important thing is doing the most important strategical critical ones” Çağlar Özdemir



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