November 25, 2020

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"A hero is not chosen but the opportunities make him force to take a step no matter how much it costs!"

There is a big expensive song that I know nowadays as “The more you learn, the more learn…”

The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

Here I will introduce a feasible Turkish cloud mining platform for your investing if you like to start and continue to invest some for your future purposes.

Company Introduction

Turkiye-Mining a state-sponsored R & D company headquartered in Silicon Valley and Alaska in the United States that does not pay electricity fees.

Their very large bitcoin farms are constantly digging. With each incoming investment, they increase the power of digging with new machines.

Their exemption from the electricity charge, which is one of the biggest handicaps in bitcoin digging, increases their earnings and the profits of our investment partners.

They are constantly sharing profit rates from this dig and constantly reflecting our investors ‘ earnings.

How To Earn?

  1. By joining as member you gain 1TH mining potential to start to earn bitcoins as starting-up.
  2. You can make reference gains by sharing your reference link through social media or forums. 10% of your references ‘ investments are instantly processed into your account.
  3. As soon as you invest, the digging power is automatically calculated and added to your account. When the Minimum is 0.005, you can withdraw the balance from your account.
  4. There is the lowest limit of transaction of money as 0.0015BTC to send and start as beginner.
  5. The transaction is recorded in the line when you give permission from your account to your digital wallet
  6. There is an auto-calculator that you can manage for yourself to adjust for as bitcoins vs hashpower

Here as it is shown above you can arrange your amount as bitcoin from left upper-lower arrows on the blank area. Then you can see your daily income rate as daily. You can calculate its dollars version later.

What is Cloud Mining?

Cloud (or remote) mining is the process of excavating cryptocurrency(e.g., Bitcoin or Litecoin) using remote hardware power. The reason for the formation of this mining model is that the difficulty of the excavation process increases, and because of this, the bitcoin excavations that mining enthusiasts make in the home environment are no longer profitable.

Cloud mining allows people to start mining cryptocurrencies without investing large amounts in hardware or without any technical knowledge. Although the cloud mining model is simple, it is worth focusing on some details, especially noting that the remote mining model has two different versions: hosting mining and cloud mining.

Remote Hosting Mining

The first version of remote mining is remote hosting. In this model, users must have a high level of mining experience, technical knowledge and a high degree of control over mining equipment. Under this model, mining hardware is hosted in a remotely accessible data center and the user is expected to set up and set up the mining hardware himself. In this model, the user(miner) pays the data center(hosting company) the amount to cover maintenance and electricity charges. This helps the miner to control the risks associated with maintenance, as well as the risks that may arise during the shipment of its equipment. But this requires the miner to invest in hardware, initially taking risks. In addition, the miner needs technical knowledge and a lot of time to be able to successfully control its equipment.

To sum up briefly, the advantages of remote hosting mining are having strict control over excavation operations, maintenance support, and the hardware(excavation device) is yours. The main drawbacks of this method are the risk of supplying expensive equipment and requiring a large amount of investment and technical experience.

Cloud Mining

The second and easier-to-do remote mining model is cloud mining. In this model, the company that provides the cloud mining service is the owner of the hardware and performs the hosting process itself. The user (miner) buys part of the excavating power of the hardware from the service provider. The service provider is responsible for configuring, maintaining the hardware and selecting the most efficient and reliable pool(pool).

This option provides many benefits: instant connectivity(starting use instantly without waiting for shipment of hardware and without risk of shipment), fixed maintenance and electricity charges, lack of problems such as noise, temperature and floor cover caused by mining at home. Another prerequisite is that there is no need for any technical knowledge in this model cloud mining. Of course, it is very important for the miner to understand the excavation process, but this model does not need to have any hardware experience or significant adjustment and configuration knowledge. Since users can buy any amount of digging power, the amount of investment that will be made depends on the enthusiasm of the user(miner). This means that the entrance fee and risks are much less compared to the remote hosting model.

Turkey is happy to offer the new cloud mining service. We guarantee you instant connection, continuous access and monitoring, an easy-to-use interface, 24/7 uninterrupted operation and daily payment.

Cloud mining appeals to novice miners who want to try mining and earn cryptocurrencies, as well as experienced miners who want to get rid of the risks and troubles of mining in a remote hosting or home environment.



Here If you like to support me that I introduced you a new platform as investing, you can click here and join!

2-Factor Authentication

In the website, When you do 2-factor-authentication with telegram, you will make your account secured and each day you login you will be controlled over telegram too. 2FA is the one of best way for money funds issues to make your accounts, in banks, digital currency trading platforms, and investmeny platforms in order to make your business more secure.

According to my experience up to now I tried 3-5 platforms and found many websites and businesses for future investing strategies, some of them are legit, some of them are scams, some of them are unregulated ones.

This platforma I get my earnings for 1-1.5 months and I increased my funds there as 21 TH power then later increase to 38 TH power. I support this Turkish Company as national perspectives. According to telegram official accouncement they have plan to come Turkey and found an office too.

For extra personnel questions here the official contact details.

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