April 21, 2021


"A hero is not chosen but the opportunities make him force to take a step no matter how much it costs!"

“When WE know How to share, then we can know how to be bigger, stronger, challenger, and humanistic just one more time then later one more share just for all! ” Ç.Ö

Here up to now as communities what kind of things humankind share in terms of maintaining of humankind? So What is the ongoing situation that continues to be handled step by step is we need to solve the scientific global problem of COVID. When we share the things when global critical situations exist when we know what to share , then the speed of the solutions of the problem can be handled as massive support by people very fast!

The team of scientists, the team of engineers, the team of companies, the team of foundations, and the team of authorities, when there exits such risks from dangerous situations against all people, communities, and countries and nations we are able to solve the main scientific problem faster!

So When we know what to share, the exact time or before, we know how to solve problems fast! The point is when we share, what we share, how to or when we can help.

Here There exist problems of life in each country, countries share their knowledge and expertise, competence with each other. So we become get close to the solutions easily. Here What can be the situation of the scientific problems description? We use internet, media, youtube, linkedin, radio, the communication lines altogether when we can see the specialized people everyday for each day then all of us can be consciencely effective for protection against the problem of COVID. So what should be the protection technology to construct solutions and not to be harmful for people.

So what we should do is to find technologies that maintain communities as a whole independently free from ethnicity, religion, philosophy, prejudices, human rights, life styles, as a whole the technologies to maintain people, communities, countries, global world even if we construct a civilization in space or in a planet we need to construct science to maintain it, the maintainability.

So as we can see the behaviour of us is to share what problems we have and the solutions. So as communities what we need, we need to aware, we need technically highly spesialized people, the people who are consciencely powerful, and let them to teach the ones who are not consciencely not aware or to use technology to help them by government authorities. The exact behaviour of people is to share the things what society needs when it is needed critically worldwide. The demand and supply problem of how to help people, foundations, governments and global world humanity problems I love people, science, life, authorities and the scientists and respect to governments and the rules of each as a normal citizen! Especially the maintainability of living creatures.

Why Because we have no extraordinary situation in order to stabilize hegemony with the power we have from birth and the powers that we gain after creation of our own power in life step by step. As a vision and according to my researches I feel we are in a: We are in a dark tunnel, we walk, study, research, think, brainstorm, and data collection and live daily life with full challenge and according to our labor we are little bit able to see the light somehow little on the other side of the tunnel.

When we challenge and the details are increasing we are able to see the light more powerful, so here we need, if we are engineers….( Science, Religion, Conscience , Enlightenment and Spirituality)

Engineering is defined as the innovative utility of scientific concepts to design or broaden structures, machines, apparatus, or production processes, or works utilising them singly or in combination; or to assemble or operate the identicalwith complete recognition of their layout; or to forecast their behaviour underneath particular running conditions; all as respects an supposed function, economics of operation or safety to existence and property”

Some of the most frequently used verbs to describe what engineers do are:

To produce, form, fabricate, construct, manufacture, build, erect, organize and develop. All these verbs are synonyms of verb create. In order to be professional engineer, what we can do is … Knowledge, mindsets, expertise, experience, conscience, self awareness, technical background on the field we study on, the divine humanistic mind, global technical fields mindsets, reformist character and humanistic behaviours. In 21 century we need also extra fields like software engineering and artificial intelligence background!

What I feel here is sth like strange when I faced with different videos of human problems as a whole globally by internet. Here there is two kind of people:

In terms of religion and spirituality, the darkness and lightness is inside us. For each day we can behave as a good man or a bad man. As a whole everyone has these possibilities each in daily life momently and we are tested momentaly by GOD.

Here in a global human life maintainability problem as people, community, countries and global world we were in a dangerous position of global scientific problem that is not easily to be solved by higly skillfulled and experienced scientists and engineers easily? Since in terms of medicine technical area: Solutions were: So here I researched some design works and created my design scenarios from design engineering perspective.

Now I will maintain my studies no matter how much time I will spend for design engineering, and no matter how much part I can do for engineering solution as a whole for the scientific problem of a maintainable vırus which can have solutions now, but later can be genetically mutated and the situation of repetable cases with same symptoms or different more critical symptoms

My hypothyses is: If this is a vırus that can be mutated later how can we create mechanical design solutions for a mutant repetable cases If the style of vırus can be maintainable? If the Nature is not angry to us because of our unethical war against living creatures, nature itself and our war between religion and science.

As the seen picture by Einstein, science and religion both are needed for society since the maintainability of communities. Because when we try to be just human, belonging to one religion as a lifestyle we can live better by doing science when science is not enough for us then religion can solve some problems of us by GOD.

So we need to educate ourselves in our choices in our life by religion, science, philosophy, spirituality. Here we do not need to make war between our different religion choices the holy things, our own life styles, our point of views, and our other differences. Here when we fight each other whether it is logical or not, one side can be in danger and become harmed. Here if we are not fair , then the exact loser is us rather than anyone else.

Why? When we do goodness the one earn firstly is us, when we do badness the one earns firstly is us. So we need to be fair in terms of world global systems, countries systems, community systems, religion systems, science systems One other problem that I couldnt understand as logically is why do we at war with nature, why do we do this, how can not we teach people, societies, and the world and humankind?

And in terms of contentment feelings of mine, may be “Allah” wanted us to share what we have as special, for maintainability of us when we were at war with NATURE? Two sides, The Nature and People at “a war sth” as a result! Here what we need to do is help nature which affects all living creatures life in modern life, and global world system. May be There are rules of NATURE that we do not know, no matter how much we can say that “We knows this!” Here I think that we become altogether as humankind towards an enemy uncontrollably generated between animal and human transmission.

Here What kind of war is this? What is the reasons of this war? Is it a war that we deserve, or A war that we started as humankind because of our limitless desires in world natural system that we do not know how to challenge an enemy in a situation that we do not know how to control it. I believe we need to make ourselves scientifically awared altogether whenever it is needed at these times. We need to analyze what we did to Nature itself, scientifically research itself, and try to help nature by making itself not angry to ourselves.

Since There is only one world, we need maintainability as living creatures and other animals and insects. At least we have fair rights upon each of us. Our independence was in critical situation by social isolation. So what is the other side in terms of Nature? Did we limited freedom of Nature? Did we limited maintainability of Nature itself before? So what was the problematic part of us that we did in the past towards Nature and its phsical rules? Our freedom, and its freedom! Is this is a war that we started before against NATURE, or a war Nature has started against us? Or started after we started as action and reaction?

Or NATURE itself is just a referee here! Do we need to destroy or do we need to construct nature friendly systems? I love humankind but more the other animals or other living things since they do not have mind, unlimited passions and not badness since they have basic instincts!

Why do we need the things that we do not deserve with our own unlimited passions and try to control world with our selfish needs and destroy the things that we do not have as we do not have any right on I believe we need rules in justice systems that can protect nature itself as governmental taxes if some actions of us as humankind are harmful for nature for itself if those damages are reversible, what we do in normal world order I believe we need to share the gainings with nature protection and maintainability and living rights of other creatures in normal order!

Why are we not able to make us feeded with enough fundamental needs since when we can not control our passions and others do this then system goes to overloaded… As a whole for scientific fields one of my question is: As a citizen normal engineer to challenge more for this problem what makes me passionate is one of my medical problem of asytm and my personal responsibility to use CPAP breathing problem medical device and I have a doctor sister that I love more than myself. I love her too much! By the way Since I know problem of breathless situation, I experienced it! That I confronted such problems before! No matter how much we can , but we must do it because we know people that we love and the ones loving us! Ç.Ö

Near my own comments the academic references I used as scientific data and descriptions: Creative Engineering, Idea Engineering, and thinking skills

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