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How to Make Money via Digital Economy

Some ways to earn with some techniques to earn via Internet based platforms from 2020

Dear friends, I have prepared a research paper on the methods of generating income mentioned in the current agendas in recent years, which is connected to my research on the internet. Here you can use these methods as a source of extra income in addition to your existing workloads. Some may require a work tempo that requires long-term sustainability that needs to be maintained with intense tempo, some may be simple methods, the timing of work may vary according to the demand-supply situation.


As the Internet is a separate world, Websites are like real estate. Like real-life real estate, websites on the internet are real estate values. By creating a website, We are able to create an online space ourselves.

You can fill this land with anything you want, but for this to succeed you need to promote it through social media (and anywhere else you can think of). You can market a lot of products by driving traffic. You can do e-commerce, create services from your areas of expertise. Mais il n’y a pas que le site de “hosting” et de “website templat” que “Godaddy, bluehost.. hosting services such as “wordpress, wix and”..”you need printed, visual, written, electronic resources for sites and content that provide template services such as”.

In the structure of these sites you can create your own content with individual or team play, you can set up automated services with algorithms, and you can market many products. There are many well-known world-wide organizations providing infrastructure services in this area. Whether you own your own website, work for hire, or at an hourly rate, there are many ways to work.


A different business model is also being used by GetVoIP, a New York-based affiliate marketer. Getvoip acts as an intermediary for business communications providers. Ratings, comparisons, consumer reviews, market and end-user trends in-depth knowledge on a variety of topics relevant to their consumers and business professionals, including business VoIP providers and maintain updated lists of expert opinions. Not only by following the news, but by providing detailed analysis of the products offered, Getvoip is unable to generate traffic to its site and increase its clout with businesses.

The more online clout you have as a business, the more money you make. If you’re known for making persistent connections, you’ll have no trouble creating your online brand. Tracking your numbers, how many people view your site, click on each ad, and make a purchase from that click, gives you leverage to expand that part of your business, allowing you to continue building your online representative.


It is Google’s pay-per-click system for buying and providing impressions for websites, and balanced ads based on website content are displayed in certain parts of the site. Here, crawler scans the site content based on the specific rules of the Google algorithm, showing ad content in site-appropriate features. Some areas generate high revenue per click, while some areas do not generate that much revenue per click. When used, google gives you a code for your site, and your site is registered through it, and after a certain period of time ads will appear on your site depending on google’s acceptance of your site.


It is an institution where many products are sold via the Internet, it is a portal. People from many countries, such as Amazon, trade globally. There are portals where you can sell your own products, as well as those where you can sell new products. A lot of e-commerce books are available here in this area. From here and on youtube you can learn how to do these global trade jobs. The Direct is available only to those who do this work, as well as to those who do this work in the sense of additional income in addition to their other work. There are also e-commerce sales portals in our country, you can perform sales from those portals. There are a lot of people who trade between China and America. There are many people from China, which is a manufacturing giant, as intermediaries, or from many world-wide countries who perform this work as the main work.



If you have a website or are still dreaming up ideas for a blog, you can also look at the marketing business for affiliates as well. With affiliate marketing, you can conduct business jointly with brands and businesses within the content of your website. If you talk about a product or service, you will connect to that product or service using a unique affiliate code that you received when you signed up for that affiliate program. From there, if someone buys a product or service through the link, you earn money by clicking on the link on your site, a sort of commission rate is given to you by the company that sells the product.

Affiliate Marketing in 2020: What It Is and How You Can Get Started


If you have any skills you can teach others, it is also possible to set up an online course that you can market online. You can find online courses that teach you anything from cooking to marketing or even freelance writing.With Udemy training sites , you can set up trainings from your own areas of expertise and market trainings for people at affordable prices. There are many educational sales sites around the world. Some of these sites list as e-education area I have listed on my site. You can create trainings on these sites and start the world wide training marketing business from your own technical field. The remote e-education market in the world is growing rapidly. Google Seo features also now give more high value to original content. Here you can reach thousands, millions of people with this website portals. As are the corporate consulting firms that do this work , there are technical people who do this work personally for additional income.


Online e-bay is an Amazon-type e-commerce portal. Here you can sell handcrafted products from this portal to sell them around the world. In the general system, you put 5 products in the system at first. With the interruption of the site, the rest of the large amount of sales, other than paypal interruption, will be credited to your account. Many people around the world are able to sell products to the world through these portals with skilled handcrafted products. A lot of people with interest in this area as collections are present in the world. You can sell products that are related to your creative impulses on many sites, including Amazon, such as the sites mentioned in the title. Designs, graphics, products, creativity, all visual, material, as products can be sold on many sites.


Craigslist is the modern equivalent of classified ads that dominated the days of newspapers. These fast ads are easy to navigate and use and are geographically linked. Whether you’re selling something or offering a service, this lifehack is a great place to start learning the intricacies of Craigslist.

Posting ads on Craigslist is technically easy, but people often have fears about posting their personal information on the site. When doing business on Craigslist, you are often contacted via email and no problems are encountered. Be discreet, so use your best judgment, but don’t think someone is a thief because of their preferred method of communication. I have not yet used this method for the moment, but there are a lot of people who earn income from this method over the internet.


With sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, you can find jobs in many countries in the global world, have out-of-Country opportunities and work in another state. The job search engine is also available on my website. From here you can scan work from many technical areas through many main portals in 180 countries. The notification features of these systems will facilitate your work for efficient time management, such as the availability of automatic e-mails to your mail account when vacancies are opened in automated services.


Job Opportunities


Two friends from America from Silicon Valley have created a new web-based platform that brings visibility and confidence to remote work. The two differences were that other businesses were also successful enough to benefit from reliable access to a larger pool of proven talent, while workers will enjoy the freedom and flexibility to find work online. Together they decided to form a company that would deliver on the promise of this technology. Fast forward to today, this technology is the foundation of Upwork-a leading flexible talent solution. With millions of jobs published in Upwork each year, independent professionals make money by providing more than 5,000 skills to companies in more than 70 study categories.


If you’ve heard of crowdsourcing ( and even if you haven’t), Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program is a great place to get involved. As with Upwork, you enter your knowledge and skills. You can then perform a variety of tasks, from identifying inappropriate web content to copying audio recordings to basic data entry work

Just like any other business, more business and better quality, it is a program that may be needed to make more money. Payments are usually small, and your payment is taken on Amazon credit and you receive your payments.


If you are an experienced nanny or babysitter, Care.com it’s where you want to make money. Childcare by listing yourself on Craigslist, you’ll increase your chances of finding the right job at the right time, to reach out to you or expand your business. Duty as carer for children when you have reputation and traffic that wants to attract more customers alabilirsiniz.Care.com a as a member you can do the right amount of work to invest in your future.


If you’re a musician, writer, artist, tech enthusiast, pundit, or can produce any kind of audio, video or text worth consuming, you can sell some stuff on Apple’s flagship iTunes Store. By selling your business here, you are able to stand by your great business marketing clout. You can lead a healthy life from the ITunes Store, and there is no better time than now.


Need more ideas on how to make money online? Another strategy is using webinars to market your product, service or course. You can do webinars to promote my financial planning application and interest me in my online course for financial advisers. With a webinar, you’re basically offering lots of tips and advice for free — often in a live format. In the end, though, a lot of opportunities await you in terms of paid products or services.


YouTube is another platform that makes it possible for people to make money online. There are a ton of YouTube channels on any subject you can think of, and most people with a large following make some money in exchange for video and time. It is available to people who do it as an additional income as it is to those who do it as their main job. Here the payment system is fixed fee type based on 1000 impressions. Only in order to achieve this right, you must exceed the number and time of video views that Youtube wants from you. YouTube has a wide range of expert people, companies, industrialists, tv, media, content managers, technical people from many areas, as well as a thousand kinds of social life related to the high video visuals are available. YouTubers are available in very popular head lists.


Another method is that you can also make money online by creating an online community, although the money-making strategies you can follow vary widely depending on your goals. For example, you can create a community with a blog. You can also set up an online forum and charge people for membership. You can even set up a Facebook group and use the influence there to sell and promote products.

After you have established an online community with digital

If you have a job, you want to get listed on Yelp! You may not use the software, but some people do. By listing your work on Yelp! you put yourself on the map. You need to start using Yelp from here! Write reviews of places you’ve been to. It’ll be worth it in the long run.

Soon, you’ll have a dozen or so comments under your belt, and you can hire yourself as a Yelp! reviewer. With Yelp you can get payments by commenting on places you go, making introductions


If you have writing skills and creative skills, it’s also possible to get paid to create content online. I don’t do this as much as I used to, but I’m very aware of how viable this revenue stream is.

In fact, it’s on top of six figures in wins with his blog, Club Thrifty.

Holly said she started writing content in 2011. At the time, he still worked in a full-time job but created content online part-time to supplement his income. Over time, she doubled and tripled her rates until she quit her full-time job to write. These days, she works more intensely for work, doing work as a freelance writer and teaching others to do the same through her online course.

According to Johnson, the key to doing it as a freelance writer is finding a niche, communicating with people who can hire you, and delivering high-quality content 100 percent of the time. While there are a ton of writing job boards to help you get started, they say it’s pretty easy to find startup writing jobs on websites. One of the portals you can use to do business by typing upwork.com ‘ stop.


If you are a programmer, you can find ad-hoc coding jobs online. Just take the project, build it, test it, send it and get the payment. Freelancer (formerly known as Rent-a-Coder) has been there for years. No matter what programming language or platform you can work on, you’ll find work for everyone. The Freelancer website does the job of connecting programmers with customers. There are other alternatives, such as Guru, oDesk, Elance and TaskRabbit.


You don’t even need a web space to create your own blog. You can start a completely free blog on WordPress or blogger. Each of these sites has its ups and downs, but you can’t beat the price. You usually want to keep blog posts between 150-500 words until you have a few dozen under your belt. Links between your Blog posts encourage people to stay on your blog once they’ve found it and increase traffic. The more traffic your Blog attracts, the more traffic you can drive it to more people through social media.


If you have a website or a large social media following, you can also make money by following sponsored posts and ads. However, how does this work? Basically, companies are willing to pay bloggers and social media influencers to promote their products and services. If you have a platform, a blog or a large Instagram following, you can make money.


If you have a social media account, try Klout. The company monitors your social media use, determines how large and what kind of audience you draw based on the subject of your updates and posts. Using this information, free items, tickets etc. you are entitled to receive. Check websites often to find ways to earn free things by doing what you do online


Amazon has an Associates Program for site owners and bloggers. They offer a search tool to find the right products and services on their site, as well as a variety of ad styles to display on your site, including text-based and banner images (digital billboards) :

Every item purchased through Amazon links gives you a commission. It doesn’t take a high volume of traffic to get results either. I just started making money with the program which had 1,000 hits per month on my site. They can apply your winnings to your Amazon


If you have a passion project, kickstarter may be exactly what you need to get off the ground. Celebrities such as Zach Braff and Melissa Joan Hart have used this site to fund film projects. Some crack vendors in Canada have inspired a “crackstarter” campaign on Gawker for pictures of the mayor of Toronto smoking crack with them. All you need is a dream, a goal, a budget and it would be a great start to convince people to come to the site and donate to your Kickstarter campaign.


Whatever you do to make money online, promote it on your social media accounts. You already have a base of people who are interested in you and have a vested interest in your brand-why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that? By promoting yourself and your projects on your social media accounts, you greatly increase the chances of people giving you money in exchange for your goods and services. Stop being shy and go there.


UserTesting is a place where the crowd tests websites. Webmasters and e-commerce companies are hiring people like you to surf newly built or refurbished websites. Surf the website and provide them with feedback. And whether you pay it or not! It’s easy, isn’t it? Well, yes, it’s one of the easier online jobs. But you still have to take it seriously. If you can provide more useful feedback to the Website Owner , you will be able to find more jobs in the future.

How to become a Website Tester: 15 Websites that Pay


Besides the voiceover I mentioned above, you can do another recording-based work. If you know how to tap the right chords on a musical instrument – you should compose music and then sell it online. No need to continue working after the music companies. Other companies need music, too. You can create and sell smaller melodies, such as jingles, ring tones and even full songs.

There are online music stores where you can sell music MP3 files directly. These stores include iTunes (oh well, you already know ! , isn’t it?), Pandora, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play etc. There are also online services that put your music in these stores on your behalf. Dystrokid and loudr.fm better choices are among them.


Some of the best online survey websites are Opinion Panel, OnePoll, Toluna, MySurvey, Vivatic, YouGov and SurveyBods. You can go to these websites and register. Once you register, these Websites will continue to send you surveys. You need to fill them up and get the Rewards.

How do you pay to fill out online surveys? Well, many of these websites offer you coupons from popular online stores. You can use these coupons and buy something to your liking from these stores. Some websites also pay cash via PayPal.

You have to fill out these questionnaires with honesty. Don’t take these polls as just a money-making exercise. Read all the questions carefully and then enter your clear opinion.

How much can you earn from online surveys?
You can usually earn $2 per poll. Filling in online surveys doesn’t pay handsomely money – it’s just good to earn some extra dollars. Companies participating in Online surveys pay very small amounts and in most cases do not pay cash. When you open an account and fill out surveys, these companies will give you points. When you earn a certain number of prize Points, you may receive an equivalent gift (and sometimes cash).


If you love surfing the internet and you love reading too much on websites – then why not use that ability in a more targeted way and do research for others. There are all sorts of organisations that want to do research on almost everything. It may be necessary for people to surf the internet for a specific topic and give them relevant information.

In this kind of online work, you don’t really need to be a writer. All you need is a look and edit to find relevant information and compile it in a sensible way. Just find the information, compile it in a specific format, and email it to the organization. They’ll pay you handsomely. Otherwise it would be hard to find on the internet, it would take time to gain information

Correlating between various pieces of information and dropping something out of it is a highly sought-after skill in this business.


If you have a domain name or a website (or even a defunct one!) or a mobile app… and if you want to sell, you should visit Flippa or Sedo or Godaddy Auctions. On these websites, you can set a base price for what you’re selling, and then perspective buyers can bid in an auction format. Such a model maximizes your earnings from selling a domain name or website or mobile app.

I mentioned above about creating a website or a blog to make money online. But it doesn’t always make people a successful blogger. After a while, most bloggers feel frustrated, just call it a day and quit. What’s left behind is a built-in website and a domain name. If you don’t have a plan to go further with your website or blog, you can always sell it to get money from the rest.


This study is similar to doing research online. The only difference is that you only focus on news sites. You will be given a specific subject (e.g., law and court decisions). Your job will be to skim through all news sites and find news on the given topic. Then you’ll have to read these news stories and summarize them in a few lines. At the end of the day, you’ll have to send all the essence you made back to the company, and they’ll pay you for it.

First-rate decision makers need this kind of news because they don’t have time to find and read all the relevant news. Thus, they will pass the summary provided by you. They can request full articles for news that will be of particular interest.

To make the essence of online news, some companies give you a monthly salary (you can get as much as $ 4,000 a month), while some other companies prefer to pay based on the amount of work you do.


Do you like photography? Do you click on good enough photos? If yes, you can find a buyer on websites such as iStockPhoto and CreativeMarket. Don’t think your photos aren’t good enough. Give it a try-and it might be a surprise! There folks need all kinds of photos for online and print publishing. So, the number and variety of photos required is never enough. Go ahead and become a professional photographer!

And by the way, if you look great … you can even sell your selfies. But first you need to learn to take good selfie photos. Then try your luck however, you should consider privacy concerns in the case of the selfie.


Do you have a deep baritone voice? or a bubbly, chirpy one? or it could be the one that has the ring tone and the clarity of a tolling bell! If yes, you can lend your voice online as a voice through the artist. You can tell stories, news, and other text items. I’ve seen umano users and I’m quite thrilled with that experience. You can also use VoiceBunny or Voice123 for the same purpose.

You need to have a good sound recording setup at home and that’s it. Just select a job from the above-mentioned websites, record your narration, upload the resulting audio file. And then you can realize getting paid for the job. All this can be done at home from your desk.


If you are an expert in a particular area (such as technology, healthcare, car, business development or anything else), you can write guest posts for bloggers running profitable blogs on these topics. To make money from blogging, some great bloggers can write an authoritative article for them. You can get a good amount of pay here. You can even earn up to $500 just by writing an article! You can also explore more from the internet about what guest blogging is and how it should be done

Remember, however easy it may sound, guest blogging can only make you good money if you are really an expert in the field. People don’t pay for mediocre guest articles.

List Of Websites For Promotional Purposes In General


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