April 21, 2021


"A hero is not chosen but the opportunities make him force to take a step no matter how much it costs!"

There are various ways to understand whether a website service is scam or legit. There are many resources for your pleasure to see the details as a whole for your business to grow legally. The point for me as a begineer investor for my life in order to make myself stronger for more life opportunities is the risks of internet, people, community, and business areas that we can confront with. So here I feel there are many people try to do business with the lega-legitimate sources for their own choices in life, I did a week time process to see the useful resources for myself to track the legit ones, and the scam ones by these wonderful websites. According to Google, thousands of scam websites have been founded day by day, so here please be aware of risks in internet, about your sales, business, e-trade, and business. Try to be legal, and follow these areas as news and try to find official ways to check the platforms, and the risks and try to be aware of how to gain your loses officially. 

When you have scammed, the best first way to challange the situation is to record the files you gained from the website, and try to record other things such as IP, pictures, IDS and the website link to a notebook for details to make your case officilly recorded by officialls. After you handled the local ways, you can use international ways for more secure process to announce the case to the security officials. 

I lived before some cases and make the process locally and internationally recorded. Then later I believe with such ways Then we can have rights to defence our case for solutions.

Here I want to list some websites for your pleasure how to understand if a website is a scam one!


Some Consumers Rights Authorities Worldwide:


Here in internet and mobile, there are risks of single easy things for crime risksOne link, one message, one website, one account telegram-whatsapp contact, one mail, only one fault can make you get too much risks for your business, working area, your money, your life at the end.So here What I want to give here as message to pay attention to yourself, when you do sth in digital pay attention to the risks in digital world as the business and our life starts to be digitalized as going fast.

The reason Why I make this post to warn people was just do a scientific contribution to the process of legal legit business environment not to be damaged, and the increasing of more legitimite business possibilities more. So here you can use these resources, and can be awared and make yourself protected.

I believe these risks will decrease with the help of more security technologies in the following days.

Take care dears!




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