April 21, 2021


"A hero is not chosen but the opportunities make him force to take a step no matter how much it costs!"

Job Opportunities

I wanted to list them in my website portal project for the benefit of society, whether it be in my own personal career plans, whether it be in my foreign goals or in my own personal career plans. “finding a job” “making a career” “access to job opportunities abroad.” My thinking is 21.yy all necessary scientific competencies in our field is also defined by the “OECD” institution 21.I have opened this page on my website in the sense of being able to help a little bit of friends who need other jobs in this regard and to think that we can be more technical people in scientific terms if we gain the personal abilities that are prominent in the century. May the Lord give according to the hearts of all, perhaps with a single Beautiful comprehensive page, we can touch the “lives” “hearts” of our fellow citizens.

I love Mevlana as a Muslim technical person as much as I can, and I hope that we will see his universality in this world at much wider limits. May our Lord make us stable in Islam, let us not separate us from Sirat mustakimden precious friends!

If these sites are not enough in general full full search in many types of Search “Search Engine” websites that search from a single page “Job opportunities” he can scan on a global scale respected friends!

Here, if the risk of covid consists of leisure time, you can research work, take distance trainings, and of course you can make career plans in terms of the business world.

Here, both our normal routine, vital responsibilities and our responsibilities related to the business world are reasonable if they can be maintained remotely. Of course, I keep out friends who have to go to work normally. There is a lot of paid free education from abroad, there is in our Country, Education-Education specialization is required for all of us.

I am personally promoting such website projects as hobby with the intention of social responsibility. Hopefully we can create high added value in the country.

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