Some opinions of mine and brainstorming for younger students in life and engineering

The strategy I think of for you here is the logic of being able to make you feel some kind of awareness in some way…The goal here is to facilitate your work, your plans.

What is my plan, what is my strategy, what is my goal, what is the amount of work I need, what do I do maximum, What do I do minimum, Where do I get in and out, how much work I can maximize with my own individual performance without using the support around me if I’m alone, how much can I grow, how, how much knowledge and experience do I need? How do I create a unique model for my own individual achievements?..What makes me different?..? What’s gonna get me out of it?.. That’s the human model….some interrogations… What is the value that I will add to myself and society in this country where there are economic difficulties? A few suggestions for such young friends…. If everyone helps, it will not be yours, if no one helps you what, how, for what purpose, by what method , with what content of knowledge and experience, how do I solve a business…

Know-how basics….

If you go abroad, there will be competition…strangers out there don’t have to help you

Not by constantly consulting, not by constantly asking …just read shut in the room…the book is already springing from the internet here, it is necessary to translate this information into action…. Our purpose is not reason, of course, due diligence…everyone’s been through this, can we at least get some questioning done? Learning to learn is an indispensable passion…there’s your individual performance and your original models that can excite you….how much value your independent work can add to your maximum, how much your personal skills can improve you…??? How should I work at intense pace, how should I work regularly? seem like…What I can face in the chain of opportunities and possibilities that will come before me in the progress of my life outside my own field, what are my predictions, what is the amount that I need to know in life…how efficient and disciplined I must work…

Make sure that even if your humanity and national feelings ignite you it creates awareness for you….

Could evil be a global human value…then good is worth to us, for it will be rewarded in every nation…Then we will look at our power and draw us a smooth path…

Everyone can teach each other something status should not be such a nuisance, websites teaching each other abroad are also being established and functioning efenim!

My opinion on scientific projects is Small-Medium-Large-go overboard plan the big picture here in general, you can go here calmly, you can go with loading but don’t stop going…I think the more you do, the more pleasure you get, the more you want to do for your own development. You may also be more likely to think about bigger things…

You may not find people who can consult or ask questions
There may not be anyone but you who can solve the problem in front of you.
You may have to deal with so many books simultaneously in your time slot
Your basic knowledge of infrastructure makes you strong, and when you learn to learn, you can go from solving problems to solving problems. If this foundation is strong, you can get more layers on it.
The ability to research in memorization can also make your work easier
Some great jobs may require deep knowledge specialization of course
For me, the ability of everyone to do great things and my contribution to it is valuable. Individual achievements are up to a point, but mass development is necessary for every state and nation.
And give little time to those of you who do not value your efforts against them.
Ambiguities, skepticism, fears, insecurities, such as internal and external emotional situations can of course be…
Never do it for a job without taking steps, and environmental factors are very important to us, where going slow may be one of the best ways to improve performance after wanting to go normal. As you read and work, you will have a feeling of confidence in yourself to be able to do more.
Pay attention to internal and external influences, do not question people or what they say…
I have no doubt that anyone can do great things…it may also be a different personal difference if it comes from within the person.
Your individual work as a human being can shed light on the whole world when it comes to being involved in all around you, there is always that possibility here…
If our suggestions contradict Science tomorrow, Of course, do not always question the predictions of Science and the fundamental problem…
The music that gives you gas can relax you spiritually, epic music, such choices of course depend on your liking. My idea here is that listening to music as a hobby will be good for you, try to determine the style well…Music is a tool that enhances the mind, adds feelings and value to the person…
Citizens are strong as conscience, can handle tasks no matter when it is possible
My goal is not to put things in your mind, but to make you think about things in the totality of awareness…awareness is good, questioning, thinking in between is good…ı

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