My suggestions about Patent and Petty Patent studies by researches and techniques via Internet

Dear  our beloved wonderful country, engineers, scientists and companies and institutions to help me share a number of private research topics. Everybody help everybody. You can create great works with these word groups. May Allah not destroy the state, the country and the nation!

Design Field Research
Scientific Keyword Groups

Scientists and artists are being studied to gather people of both abilities into one person. Scientists have more creativity than anyone expected. Creativity is essential to all of us in the developing world. There’s “knowing.” there’s “creating.” In recent reports by the OECD, the ability to” creativity ” has risen to the top for those who do science.


Innovation is a desirable topic in science projects. New studies are encouraged in engineering projects in industry and academia. English or Turkish books are available on the market in terms of literature, general culture.

Design Engineering: 

Design is generally available in many areas. A lot of the products around us are a kind of design. In many areas such as Industry, Software, Architecture, production, designs come before us. Of these, mechanical design on Mechanical Engineering is available. There is also industrial product design and industrial design. Designers work in different sectors. Their expertise varies according to the sectors they work in.

Design Process:

The design process is mentioned in the literature. In terms of mechanical design, you can practically think of it as a” calculation, drawing, prototype ” 3.


Inventor can be required to engineer-based people. There aren’t many books on the market that usually describe the process. There is a small amount of books in Turkish. The process of this work has been devised from the great inventors and turned into lessons and distance trainings are encouraged for the newly grown engineers. You can get the courses free of charge on the internet.

Invention Process

It is the process of creating an invention that can be summarized in 5 main steps. Online courses are offered.

Visual Intelligence: 

It’s a very important type of intelligence. Some people’s special ability is even available in this area. It can be developed from websites such as Youtube, or from a number of practical applications and hobbies in everyday life.

Multiple Intelligence: A Wide Range Of Intelligence

There are 9 kinds of intelligence types that are studied in the literature. There are well-known scientists, artists, philosophers, athletes, politicians, and many well-known, world-renowned people from many different sectors who are highly skilled in these types of intelligence. You can research these types of intelligence and better understand and develop your own abilities.

Thinking Skills/Critical Thinking

Brains that can produce thought and create a lot of thought are brains that can work a lot. Here it is important that we have the ability to translate what is useful for our business from our thoughts into actions. The institution of critical thinking exists globally. The benefits to many countries are many. High school students are also trained in this area in the west.


It is capable of creating a strategic thought storm on an engineering project with different approaches and different plans for program purposes. Everyone needs their work.

Cad Background:

3 providing infrastructure from the main widely used cad program may be sufficient for mechanical engineers. My preferences are CATIA, SOLIWORKS and AutoCAD.

Idea Generation:

The techniques of generating ideas benefit people in terms of creativity to go further strategically in their professions. It is a developable area. In Germany, mechanical engineers can be given courses to generate ideas. In terms of project idea creation, engineers can benefit a number of technical people.

Design Thinking: Design Thinking Method

Design method courses are given. This area facilitates the solution of many problems both in technical engineering-based business and in the business world. It can be applied in the form of group work or it can be carried out through problem detection in individual initiatives. It has a process of 5-6 steps. It is also a great strategy to be able to train specially talented designers because of the world wide commercial competition.

Imagination/Scientific Imagination Process

Imagination is very important, unlimited. Information is limited. As Einstein said… Plans to build “imagination machines” based on artificial intelligence also show how much the West cares about this issue.

The Global Mind: 

Global thinking, scientists or engineers can think globally and do big projects is a very important type of action for society. Everyone needs to think” big ” for that.

Awareness/ Self-Awareness: self-awareness ability

Personal awareness is an important area that is studied in different societies both in terms of religion and science. Some partial subdomains have not yet been resolved. In the totality of our personal awareness, if we know our lack of knowledge and know ourselves Well, we can succeed in our fields much better.

Discovery Science: 

Exploration is a phenomenon that comes from the history of exploratory science. Many scientists have discovered revolutionary developments in many subjects, and with these developments applied to Industry, Scientific Revolutions have formed in industry and in the world of science. You can research the history of Science and look at these studies. The field of exploratory science is available in literature. This is a field of scientific study of the tactics used by scientists who have made great advances before. + science

Educational data sources

  • Internet
  • Google
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Visual Video
  • Image Sources
  • Databases-books-articles-journals-MOOC distance learning courses – libraries

Patent / Utility Model Extraction Techniques

SIT: Systematic Inventive Thinking:

ASIT: Advanced Systematic Inventive Thinking: advanced systematic inventor thinking System
TRIZ methodology: Triz method
Innovation Methodologies: 

Design, imagination, innovation, brainstorming power, creativity, visual intelligence, technical intuition, inventing, product development, thinking skills, critical thinking, strategic thinking, innovation methods, idea generation techniques, engine, cad, virtual reality, CGI, scientific studies with these, you can create good design,The post-production,You can also add to them the suitability for industry, the investment power, the saleability,the ability to generate added value, and other engineering design parameters, design,imagination,innovation,brainstorming,reseach,creativity,visual intelligence,intuition,invention,critical,thinking,strategic thinking,innovation methods,thinking skills,cad background,virtual reality, CGI..

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