Networked Economies and WCW coin Holding – 2020

What is Networked Economy?

The Networked Economy:  It’s been known as the subsequent monetary revolution. But, what does this all suggest to us? How will we experience the Networked Economy in our daily lives as employees, consumers, and human beings making an attempt to lead meaningful, purposeful lives? If you suppose about it, this new monetary revolution is no longer simply devices, sensors, and Big Data. It includes people, devices, internet, digital world alltogether. As we continue to use science and make contributions to the world’s ocean of data, the Networked Economy will amplify and radically exchange how we work, live, and characteristic as a world society.
As simply; Networked Economy is digital economy united with sharing economy. Here the big data is a kind of big resource for people and companies. The devices, people, the companies and internet connection enables the network system of the economy. There are new innovative companies for century for new economic perspectives here. Their membership, customer relations are innovative and both from west and east there are trends for networked economies here.
Some Networked Economy Companies List:
  1. AirBnb
  2. Neighbor
  3. Rover
  4. Uber
  5. Turo
  6. JustPark
  7. TaskRabbit
  8. Lending Club
  9. PoshMark
  10. SitterCity
  11. KickStarter
  12. PostMates
  13. RvShare
  14. EatWith
  15. CrowdMed

One More Network Economy style is in crypto-currency sector. Let me Introduce you new “income generating model” for your pleasure.

What is World Cash Win Coin (WCWC)?

World Cash Win Coin (WCWC) personal security (fingerprint, eye retina, facial control, voice recognition, etc.) or the ability to code all points in the QR.

World Cash Win Coin system advantages;

Convenient search of companies and products in Azerbaijan and abroad, up to 10% cashback and special offers.

At WCWC, you can still find a convenient catalog of 100 categories of companies and stores, an electronic bonus card for shopping and other useful things.
WCWC covers all the areas you need
Select partners from the WCWC website (
Choose what you want to buy and WCWC will choose the places with the best purchase terms that are convenient for you. If you are in a hurry, choose companies and shops near you. If you are planning a valuable purchase, choose partners with maximum cashback. World Cash Win Coin will show you the terms of purchase, exact address, operating mode, website and other contacts of the companies.

Show your WCWC QR before shopping.

Shop at WCWC partners and get special discounts and bonuses. To do this, before making a purchase, show the code on your electronic Cash Win bonus QR phone to the cashier.

Get bonuses to your bonus account

The cashier will read the barcode on the phone and the bonuses will be credited to your bonus account, you will also receive a special discount for being a member of the wcwc system.

What does WCWCoin offer?

1) EARNING AND INDEPENDENT BUSINESS (Get an additional source of income, do business and grow.) Only you can make the decision. Build a successful career with World Cash Win Coin, as well as get products at a special discounted price. You set the time for this. You are your own boss!
You will learn to attract new people and grow your business.

2) TRAVEL (Go on the path to success and we will gladly invite you to the annual international conferences held in the most picturesque corners of the world.) Do you want to see the world? Our business partners can travel to more than 40 countries on 5 continents.

3) Make new friends (Feel like a member of a friendly team and make friends from all over the world.)

For additionaly trading, investing and income opportunities, you can join here :

Note: Until 07.10.2020, 7 members will be given $ 1 of the $ 10 member fee and $ 5 USDT per each member.KYC approval required. Prizes will also be awarded on October 8-10.

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