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In terms of engineering, the process continues as the scientific project idea first during the pre-production design processes, then as the application after the project design. Doing scientific research is one of the most beautiful ways to create a scientific project. Besides, “idea generation” to “Project the idea of producing” thinking strategies, creativity, imagination, critical thinking, strategic thinking, the process of creative thinking, innovation techniques, innovation process, you need to create these beautiful scientific scientific projects, the project idea will assist you to. You can explore project resources from the following sources.

As a tip; the brain is a machine, it grinds itself if you don’t throw something into it, but if you put a lot of information into it, it will continue to operate on that information whether you want it or not, whether you are aware of it or not. In times when you are not, when you are in a calm state and situations, many scientific project ideas can be formed by making connections in your mind, as mentioned in the literature. You can get a lot of information by using the internet well, you can get the critical practical information you need from a lot of written and visual sources…

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Scientific Publication preparation techniques
Problematics in Scientific Research: projecting and reporting
Scientific research techniques
Project Development And Reporting

An overview of the research process
Scientific research methods and techniques
Nature of scientific thinking techniques
Writing a scientific research: preparing a project plan

Many sources of scientific research methods:
Scientific Project Process: + s%C3 % BCreci
A scientific study for the Troubles in scientific project design :ıng_teachers_whıle_preparıng_scıentıfıc_projects_sample_of_turkey
Step-By-Step project idea development handbook:
Research methods

Scientific method

List Of Scientific Research Search Engines

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