May 26, 2020

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Some Personal Quotes

As a normal citizen there is no other reason of me in order to make remember some values with different personal words to community

“I feel your intelligence quantity is the degree how much and in which ways you can do developments for people and world…The point makes you differ you from others is sth like your creativity and fight!”

Invention: “It’s just a never-ending Passion and Love!!!!”

“The most important one is to do the important one!”

“Strategy is to see the critical connections!”

“The more the ideas exist, the faster the revolution that can come!”

“I saw people like books, as reading I ignite myself over and over!

The world order’s growth and polarization needs to modify human nature, here is human a living or a matter?

“There is no stupid idea, but there exist those can evolve! ”

There is no failure, there is experience, and by the way some failures teach you to never give up!

Some questions in life can be answered by people with a speed of light since those questions are for them!

If you study hard in life, You will be given big questions by Allah

Problems and Solutions, they are dualities…Questions and Answers are too

Do not ask your special scientific questions to anyone else, I feel you have accumulation to solve them

It is a big capability to see the question in many people’s mind, May Allah empower all who solves these…

The man loves you do most are the ones fighting and never give up for you…We can do fighting all together for better humanistic world views.

Do not break the ones who are good and beautiful…

There should be bullet “words” for people that those should be manufactured for people but not another reason…

When you give more , the things will be sorted that can be given more and more

Be passionate for better intentions for better best intentions..then actions…

Sometimes allow time for imagination, Life is better with visions and imaginations…

May be There are people not to be genius rather to be bad!

We can discuss: To be bad genius or to be normal good people in world!

Solve questions, more, for future, may be one question in life will be enough in life!

The Love of Science and Fever of Taqwa and the Good and Beautiful People, they deserve many things…Life is more valuable with these people

You can devote big studies to people when they are priceless

When there is challenge for all people, there is challenge for everyone and everyone can do best and great no matter how much they do because there is no rate but there should be very good intentions…Be passionate for very good intentions but better great intentions it byself is enough for all of us… Your good feelings and intentions is enough for me! The biggest force in the world is just Big Good Intentions! then actions…

“I will make you live: treat me well,sir

The meanings…

Normal human memory is enough for many things, because excessive of sths is not a needing. The excessive people, some of them can lose their heads. You can check expert people’s visions. The meaning of life is to do well in life in favor of life. The other things status, seniority, the goods, money, they are temporary. They do not feed people. Because human is insatiable. To help people or to serve on humanity has meanings. At least it is valuable for us that we live. Because challenge is sweet, and pleasurable. There should be holy aims in life. The determination inside you is enough for you. The things you are able to do is enough, however if it is pleasurable, you can do more if those things are not harmful for people. That can ease people’s work. Here is the logic is not gain recovery, but to be a good character people and maintain it. Never give up of itself, never give up to try to be like that.

When there is passion for change, it should come from deeply!

Sometimes you can do, sometimes you can not, here point is at least challenge and trying. Why to be stressful, why to be demoralized?

People can be helpful in bad times and good times, here point is values!

Your own studies can envision your surroundings by the way your effort can envision world by itself…

When you read more day by day you can see your own ignorance more day by day, then you wish change and development more…

When you see other people’s ignorance and be aware of others sensitive ideas, you can self-interrogate yours, and you can ask more questions for your own ideas too.

My questions are mine, yours is yours…but here challenge to solve them differs.

We shouldnt have needed the trade of religion, why to be cruel like that?

We do not need to seek “The Evil” in western or eastern side of world, we just need to interrogate ourselves from goodness and badness, may be the biggest potential for darkness is ourselves! Here There are 7 billion people in world and there are many possibilities for dark and light

You can be smart near insane people but you need to protect yourself from them, here the point is you can use your cleverness in other places.

Is partizanship is ethical or the objectivity? Is partizan specialists are valuable for community or the objective ones?

The voluntarily studies and services are indespensible and priceless

Fire, water, soil ok but a log is not needed, but a diamond is priceless

“I think we need to discuss “the reality” in “the negativity” and “the pozitivity” when we need to see the reasons and results” Ç.Ö

When we say what is “input” and “output” to me, then we can express ourselves as “functions”, when we say what is “input” and “output” to our country, then we can say “Our country” is a function? So in math there exist functions, so we can say we are parameters in “a main country function” then the world global economic system can be said as a space function, then we can say there can be a “Everything’s Theory” in science, why not? Because there can be laws that we are not able to aware of! If everything are connected to the others, then these should be “dependent values!”

“We are just “machines with soul connected with unlimitedness of Allah” in a unlimited space by thoughts we can exist as some energy patterns” Ç.Ö

Conscience, ethics, morality and money, we need a balance here!

There is a possibility of unbalanced competition of unbalanced people in terms of competition ethics!

Conscience is the unlimitedness of Allah inside us! Ç.Ö

We are responsible for the silence of unresponsiveness Ç.Ö

When the man is not able to speak in terms of humanity, May Allah make him speak in terms of conscience! Ç.Ö

May Allah educate human-being with conscience, whenever he become unbalanced let him remember himself!

Whenever you can not find power to speak, let the conscience speak on behalf of you, May Allah make him speak! Ç.Ö

As a nation, our children is as our children of all of us!

There should be no religious trends of us with respect to our own benefits! Religion is sth like mutual values and creation!

The Powerful People are the one making other ones powerful!

Aşkın Teorisi demiş şair…
Şair yanmış aslında, ateş gibi kavrulmuş…
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I think we can say simple words that can make feel people more deeply… The passions… I believe that we need only one passion that is the passion for humanitarian approaches… No matter how much we can but try to do the best one…. What we can do sometimes is to altogether colloboration from many ways…to share how much, how many amounts, how bigger or smaller, the point is just to share somehow, our feelings, our ideas, our life, our situations, our questions, our beliefs, our strategies,…the types of things  Here point is if everyone share than we become bigger….

Sometimes try to share your humanistic side with people…to share is sth like brilliance…I believe that May be ALLAH taught us how to share the time when we needed… when covid exist….

Note: These quotes of mine are registered as time-stamps

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