April 21, 2021


"A hero is not chosen but the opportunities make him force to take a step no matter how much it costs!"

Some Scientific Awareness Quotes

I wanted to share my own personal insights and analysis on some of my personal problems and issues that I might have had a turning point in my life. I think that maybe it can shed light on your life, make your work easier, ease you in terms of being able to proactively sustain your struggle in your life and provide you with better scientific performances in your self-awareness in an easy way. Definitions of topics such as” scientific awareness “or” intuition ” exist in the literature. These thinking methods, techniques, thought processes can be followed from the literature in the field of “thinking skills”. You can, of course, create more advanced “mindset” s for yourself by mixing them with your personal experiences by digesting their definitions in your own scientific studies. In general, people are creative geniuses from creation, and they progress in a number of different areas of life through a number of personal knowledge, experiences and competencies. My intention to create this page is to use humanity-oriented and humanity-oriented ability to help people in life with a number of small notes. Hopefully, I can help you too.

One thought: I tried a lot of things to learn a field…slowly I think I can get their big comebacks…here, MICHAEL JORDAN has hit 50% of the shots in his life…in this life, never stop trying different methods for a certain period of time in the logical framework to solve things… Today, a job that has been bothering you for a long time can suddenly be solved in your mind tomorrow…I am affected as the brain experiences an incredible organ…(After drawing a big beautiful technical scientific design project, My Inner Relief is also a little technical inference on the scale of my personal awareness)
The stress you can suffer as if it were gone tomorrow may be the wood of your mantelpiece, in the sense of your courage for the greatest motivations.
And never obsess over it so we can hit 50 percent…let’s never try something unnecessary, try it without different methods, different points of view, you know, it can be a bit of a waste of time…
Thanks to the friends who make popcorn, we worked with them….
I would also like to mention it as a general awareness….It’s about charity and evil…problems and solutions….I think we may have a problem with everyone, we may all have a chance to solve it another thought that you can solve a bigger problem in your struggle until the process of the work that troubles you gets longer and more tension becomes you can solve it directly…as…Stress, anxiety, depression, troubles, anxiety, inner gaps that you experience while the current process is going on., I don’t feel like doing anything psychologies as these internal factors and external factors analysis to simulate ocean waves in them if you can to finish this fight, there as you continue your path with the waves stronger as she struggled in the position at a time and it moves in a tunnel like these internal and external influences may be affecting you in your challenge if you try to concentrate on this process, personal competency, skills, knowledge, experience in terms of read a lot, and as you solve the uncertainties and risks, you will get closer to the light at the end of the tunnel. Try to run your business with a solid balanced, proportionate good psychology, concentrate on work, there may be a lot of thoughts, there may be situations like mental confusion, advance the process, try to make progress, the more you develop, your psychology will relax and you can move forward faster. While there are a lot of corporate and personal supports in the current global conjuncture, so much information data is free on the internet, try to reduce your doubts about finishing the job, be aware of the process. You can act by improving your infrastructure to control the process. Waves can stun you in the ocean, but keep the fight going according to your level of awareness. Remember, with determination, the cock pierces the stone. It is not the size of the drops that pierce the stone but its continuity.
If you research and work on a scientific problem for a long time, if you build a specific infrastructure, it is likely that you can solve other problems, even if you can’t solve that problem. Therefore, to be focused on research and reading infrastructure to win in one area makes us strong, depending on the size of the problem, our infrastructure in that area will affect our ability to solve other problems in that area, this process, our speed of problem solving, even if we can’t solve it tomorrow.
Stress, fear, pressure, tension, anxiety, such as our mood, even as normal work, all kinds of work is effective in our performance….I would also like to remind you that stress is a condition of development that a Jewish philosopher once said was a sustainable property….these are the waves in the ocean that make sense if we can use them to trigger ourselves…do not give up the struggle even if there is a risk of unemployment struggle until the last moment this relieves us of conscience, until the end of the struggle at least will show our strength…
External influences and internal influences can organize them and reflect them on our work performance, and if we do our jobs with a free mood and psychology, we are the winners here…
It is my grandfather’s word that their conditions and our conditions are of course not the same, in his time there were economic difficulties at the level of absence, our current covid risk situations economic risks uncertainties and experts ‘ analysis of these difficulties may continue in the next 10 years. Even if you suffer from psychological unnecessary difficulties while doing two-to-one work here, my thought is to minimize them, to relax yourself, to relax, to enjoy life as awareness, in the sense of contemplation, thank God in the capacity of yourself do not lack. His word was: “I do not think of death while I work!”
In a problem that affects everyone, it’s not my problem to say it’s actually a problem that we can’t see, it’s a mistake about our vision…
The general tactics that I can see in the way people do their personal business in the sense of “productivity” in the global competition in the current worldly scientific research and in the Internet Research are some of the following: :

  • Manufacturers
  • The Developers
  • The Creators
  • The Traders
  • the Copy Pasters
  • The Thieves
  • Some Other Specific Ones
    2 types of people in general : those who do science and those who do not
    My goal here is to be a production-oriented scientist of the first 4 types and to put positive scientific values into the middle is one of my goals in life.
    Here,I have not given up on observing ethics and professional ethics on the labor-value scale by questioning the understanding of whose knowledge is the property as much as I can take advantage of the internet through Google research and literature permits, especially to people who have worked on us, especially to all the veterans, I feel very lucky to have worked with these people. We love to produce, productivity the values and contributions that people contribute to society have a lot of spiritual benefits to me here rather than material. I also enjoy sharing my research as much as I can in the networks where there is joint participation.
    I have no doubt that the common global strategic mind and the contributions of all human beings in the worldly global problems will never be underestimated in supporting such common approaches in the formation of ethical scientific communities in the global competition to democratise innovation. With respect for Labour and their sense of justice, and in the sense of common global scientific approaches and the protection of the labours of educated people, I think that tomorrow may go further into a global world of just labor – value scale. My logic is that problems such as global warming are at the door, and teamwork can be the most courageous work. One person is nothing.
    Our unique scientific struggles in life can collectively shed light on other generations of us to achieve more productive results as awareness, gain vision, and lead them to further improvements in their struggles.
    To be able to fight for everyone, rather than the size of the struggle, our personal abilities can lead us to great things more advanced than our own ideals, where it is now possible to act in the mind of humanity Rahmani, to be able to show positive humanity-oriented, nature-oriented, values in the sense of world human survival can be a solution. I think the effect and the reaction, the goodness will be stronger than ever.


“Whatever happens tomorrow you must promise me one thing. That you will stay who you are. Not a perfect soldier, but a good man.”

If you want to master something, teach it. The more you teach, the better you learn. Teaching is a powerful tool to learning.

—Professor Richard Feynman

I love the scientists that enlarge visions of people…I like such scientific deductions…The truths…!!!


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” – Steve Jobs

You can check these scientist worldwide discovery effects in some areas and try to see their awareness in their field, especially in multidisciplinary areas.

One saying that the scientist says:

“There is equal complexity in designing a molecule as there is to designing a dress, designing legal code, and designing a business strategy,” he explains. “We like to explore how these different ways of thinking can produce outcomes that only one field cannot produce. It’s challenging. Those who actually endure the challenge and are patient with being uncomfortable are the ones that make a difference.”

“The thinking mechanisms of different people from different fields, their mindsets, their way of how to do sth…”


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