April 21, 2021


"A hero is not chosen but the opportunities make him force to take a step no matter how much it costs!"

Turkey and the Promotions

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


In honor of the 16 great leaders of the Turkish state and the founder of our state of the Republic of Turkey , Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK and his comrades and the Turkish nation, I, as a member, will introduce the scientific achievements of our beloved country in the global arena!

“Ingenuity is subject to compliment”. We, as a member of this country, are proud and enthusiastic about our national development moves and we call the struggle to reflect the same energies and performances to our own technical performances!

You can also watch it here or on the main central youtube channels. But if you’ve come to my website, you can be my guest here and follow these achievements!

Here in terms of advertise our country “Turkey” in “Anatolia” you can check this beautiful hospital country and center of many historical civilizations , you can check by youtube
What I wish in shaa Allah one of the ex-empires center city “ISTANBUL” become a “MEGA-CITY” on the honor of all our ancestors like the cities of future! I am optimistic about all economical investments for modernization of economy, civil infrastructures, urban areas, technological substructures, civil and all private sectors highly loaded works for better future and vice versa…I love “CRAZY PROJECTS!”
Even in your life, once you can try to see amazing places of Turkey and its wonderful places of history, technology, touristic cities, the hospitality of wonderful citizens, “the 2023 technological advancements plans and applications in various sectors.” We have many visitors from different places of World, since “at least me” believes, all diversities we have is our own RICHNESS! We love World, humanity, diversities, unity, islam, and peace and love and the things what it includes by the way!

( You can check the channels from youtube system, and you can check “news” the foreign language news channels too. If you like, you are welcome. You can follow via my website!)

Youtube Turkish Science Channels


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