April 21, 2021


"A hero is not chosen but the opportunities make him force to take a step no matter how much it costs!"

The Concepts I Repeat While Thinking About A Scientific Project

“Creative Engineering” along with “Innovation” facilitates my work in terms of brainstorming in order to create more comprehensive solutions in engineering projects, to connect more effective concepts, and to create more advanced scientific studies.

There are articles in tubitak magazine that explain the situation when a scientist sees a scientific problem. From there you can read the relevant situation and analysis, and gain awareness. My idea is that creative problem-solving techniques and innovation will improve the performance of working in the fields that will never end in engineering and will always facilitate the work of human beings.

You can search for” Creative Engineering “and” Creative Engineering”.:



“Idea Engineering” “was for the first time in Germany, scientists experimented on mechanical engineers and marveled at their performance. A lot of scientific subjects have been derived here in many areas and the productivity of the students has increased. This idea engineering techniques exist as the “idea generation”, and you can create a lot of scientific subjects in your spare time for very super technical activities, respected friends. You can investigate and dominate this area.You can look at articles from the literature here:



“Design engineering” can make it easier for you to create product designs that can make an impact on the market scientifically. Design area here 20-30 areas design area products are available, there are designs in other technical areas and the part that is close to our area of interest here can be considered as design engineering.

In Mechanical Engineering, “Mechanical Design” is available, but this is not only enough with reading books, practical skills are also required. Machine elements can be designed. The field of machine design is referred to as” Machine Design”. Mechanical design books can theoretically make it easier for your mind to gain consciousness and enable you to do fast productive work.

You can read articles in this area from here:


I like design sectors, mechanical design, product designs, website design, futuristic designs, graphic designs, car designs, technology designs, systems design, cad design softwares and 35 different other art-science and personal creative contributions of people the creators. I love them the uniqueness in the fields, they are special since. Since I belive more people will become designers in our life, in the future, I think we need to educate more designers, not only AI powered design but people need design studies in their life because to create sth is a beautiful thing, the contents, the uniqueness in life, the developments, and personal various creative studies. There is map of countries about creativity the percentage of people, the percentage in world in terms of countries. Here the machines may be do not dream, or imagine later in the future, they have capabilities and we have capabilities, I believe design works will continue. Some works in life I think they should be man-made, personal abilities are important, Machine can generate more in short times as autocad AI powered topology optimisation, machine can help but I think the point is for a design is his creativity, feelings, life experience, technical competence, the art behind it, the man made intelligence, the life we create for others is so much important. So I like design field many other sectors too. Here the point is what we design whether it is useful, helpful, ease to make people more productive, the machine should support man , not to take the field. Here not everything should be automated in life. But it can support peoples expertise in their fields because doing, creating, thinking, imagining, dreaming, sleeping, the feelings ourselves, they are important for more advanced world. Here humanistic views are special for people. Everyone’s dreams are special too. Design engineering make you dream more, create more, do, study more, There are academic papers in literature you can check via https://www.sciencedirect.com/

Everyone’s life aims, dreams, imagination, actions, works, studies alltogether is very important for me…The differences, the varities, our feelings, our simple single words even very important for me…What I want sometimes to help everyone for their life….since I have sometimes do not have time…

https://www.sciencedirect.com/search?qs=design%20engineering here you can read many level of papers about design engineering, and you can read and try to write, create, design, apply, act more studies for future. Here you can find simple design steps with your own, even there is tactics for designing in youtube to design everything here the channel is:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHWnQOlX7Cw here point is to research and get data via internet, the types of design, the sectors, the things you design. And even if they are special for you you can sell, hide them, get licences of products or apply them as scientific studies by your own. So if you like designs you can study by your own too. Some people even they are specialised they are not full with latest updated data they do not follow latest news, data , researches and studies, and the contents in internet. Try to follow and track internet about design news in your field, youtube contents, pinterest images, the copyrighted design websites, pictures websites, video websites, and some free to use contents websites check their copyright permissions for its usage by you. Pay attention the contents and permissions for ethical occupational rights and the human rights issue and work ethics. Here pay attention and show respect to people’s own labors. I believe everyone labor is so much important. Your even own thoughts are so much important, since I put a simple questtionaire to the start of the website too. Here user experience thinking is helpful in your business too. It is the user-experienced design here the point is youtube link is here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEibggX4Eek

My idea is that if an engineering design is needed for a project we can have 4 types of ways

  1. Design with software built with artificial intelligence based algorithms
  2. A scientific team of scientists and engineers could also be the other way around.
  3. A whole machine software or 50/50 human-machine ally design system
  4. “Whole software automation”, but I dont like this.
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